TIANJIN ZENITH Oil&Gas Engineering Co., Ltd.

2020-07-13 15:31:36 Kelinxn 12

She was founded in 2002, formerly known as Tianjin Zenith Engineering Design Consulting Co., Ltd., in which KELIN took a 40% stake. 

She is KELIN’s design center with extensive influence in natural gas processing, liquefied natural gas, petroleum chemical industry, environmental engineering and other fields which takes technology and design as priority, and gathered as a whole in R&D, project consultation, design, procurement, construction management, EPC contractor, skid-mounted processing equipment design and manufacturing and operation instruction, operation and maintenance.

· She has a whole series of engineering design qualifications:

· Class A of Oil and gas (offshore oil industry (oil and gas processing)

· Class B of chemical petrochemical pharmaceutical industry, chemical engineering, petroleum and chemical products storage and transportation)

· Class B of oil and gas (offshore oil industry (pipelines, oil field ground, field ground)

· Class B of environmental engineering (water pollution prevention and control engineering)

· Class B of municipal industry (town fuel gas projects)

· Class B of construction industry (architectural engineering)

· Grade 3 of petrochemical engineering construction general contract