Low Cost Recovery of Flare Gas

Supersonic vortex separation, dehydration and dehydrocarbon-removal processA.Single well flare gas on landB.Joint station (Transfer station) associated gasC.Joint station (transfer station) large tank

Supersonic vortex separation, dehydration and dehydrocarbon-removal process

A.Single well flare gas on land

B.Joint station (Transfer station) associated gas

C.Joint station (transfer station) large tank of gas

D.Test well exhaust (flare gas)

E.Offshore platform flare gas

Core unit of MRC hybrid refrigeration process

Core unit of expansion refrigeration process

Supersonic vortex separation light hydrocarbon recovery plant

Skid LNG plant

The LNG skid plant adopts the design of generalization and standardization,and gets easier maintenance and better operation. It could implement different technological requirements through the effective combination of the process modular

The skid design & manufacture

Each function skid group refers to standard container size and complete the assembly, manufacturing and debugging of the equipment in the production base.That could reduce the workload in site and was convenient to the construction. The site construction of this workshop can be finished in a short time.

Online Analysis system

The skid-mounted three phases separator

The skid-mounted heat exchanger group

The skid design & manufacture

The skid-mounted triglycol dehydration equipment

The skid-mounted molecular sieve dehydration unit

Dehydration function unit skid

Dehydration skid

The skid-mounted heating furnaseheat conduction oil furnace

Pressure regulating measurement system integration

The skid design & manufacture

Skid-mounted compressor group

The mixed refrigerant compressor group

The gas—drive compressor group

The mixed refrigerant compressor group during production

The skid-mounted natural gas pressure regulating, measuring, analysing system